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Science Channels by Subscribers

Channels sorted by total number of subscribers. If you know of any others not listed, please contact us.

The King of Random

11,321,673 Subscribers

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

8,872,129 Subscribers


8,592,009 Subscribers

Colin Furze

8,006,702 Subscribers

Smarter Every Day

6,801,964 Subscribers

What's Inside?

6,539,752 Subscribers


5,708,522 Subscribers


5,654,159 Subscribers


4,657,146 Subscribers


4,088,858 Subscribers


3,970,202 Subscribers

It's Okay To Be Smart

2,804,947 Subscribers

Life Noggin

2,718,364 Subscribers

Big Think

2,589,878 Subscribers

Science Channel

2,489,659 Subscribers


2,122,656 Subscribers

Tom Scott

1,658,613 Subscribers

Night Hawk In Light

1,477,853 Subscribers

SciShow Space

1,215,844 Subscribers

Deep Look

1,004,857 Subscribers

Brit Lab

901,215 Subscribers

PBS Idea Channel

786,206 Subscribers

DNews Plus

691,200 Subscribers

NASA Goddard Flight Center

552,086 Subscribers

The Brain Scoop

503,605 Subscribers

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

495,533 Subscribers

Kids Learning Tube

469,236 Subscribers


467,337 Subscribers

Shots of Awe

442,672 Subscribers

Johnson Space Center

398,925 Subscribers

Space Today

367,078 Subscribers


345,384 Subscribers

Amy Shira Teitel

310,866 Subscribers

SciShow Kids

259,422 Subscribers

Your Discovery Science

258,510 Subscribers

NASA ScienceCasts

168,335 Subscribers

Cosmology Today

154,691 Subscribers

Kennedy Space Center

81,067 Subscribers

Sally Le Page

65,214 Subscribers

Maddie Moate

55,261 Subscribers

Marshall Space Flight Center

49,869 Subscribers

The Psych Show

42,287 Subscribers

Alex Dainis

32,192 Subscribers

James Webb Space Telescope

31,057 Subscribers

Chandra X-ray Observatory

23,908 Subscribers

How It's Made

0 Subscribers

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