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Science Channels by Subscribers

Channels sorted by total number of subscribers. If you know of any others not listed, please contact us.

The King of Random

11,829,731 Subscribers

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

9,385,744 Subscribers


8,765,808 Subscribers

Colin Furze

8,389,816 Subscribers

Smarter Every Day

7,203,840 Subscribers

What's Inside?

6,638,473 Subscribers


6,289,753 Subscribers


5,819,768 Subscribers


4,770,918 Subscribers


4,481,816 Subscribers


4,110,169 Subscribers

It's Okay To Be Smart

2,904,432 Subscribers

Life Noggin

2,816,203 Subscribers

Science Channel

2,686,602 Subscribers

Big Think

2,645,795 Subscribers


2,161,138 Subscribers

Tom Scott

1,818,059 Subscribers

Night Hawk In Light

1,522,945 Subscribers

SciShow Space

1,235,983 Subscribers

Deep Look

1,125,300 Subscribers

Brit Lab

921,903 Subscribers

PBS Idea Channel

785,313 Subscribers

DNews Plus

691,703 Subscribers

NASA Goddard Flight Center

574,098 Subscribers

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

538,094 Subscribers

Kids Learning Tube

522,789 Subscribers

The Brain Scoop

511,891 Subscribers


476,803 Subscribers

Shots of Awe

447,386 Subscribers

Johnson Space Center

423,481 Subscribers

Space Today

386,446 Subscribers


378,225 Subscribers

Amy Shira Teitel

325,682 Subscribers

SciShow Kids

278,616 Subscribers

Your Discovery Science

266,178 Subscribers

NASA ScienceCasts

171,432 Subscribers

Cosmology Today

160,620 Subscribers

Kennedy Space Center

83,592 Subscribers

Maddie Moate

71,566 Subscribers

Sally Le Page

66,303 Subscribers

Marshall Space Flight Center

51,874 Subscribers

The Psych Show

47,848 Subscribers

James Webb Space Telescope

33,769 Subscribers

Alex Dainis

32,786 Subscribers

Chandra X-ray Observatory

24,690 Subscribers

How It's Made

0 Subscribers

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